iOS16アップデート後のiPhoneやiPhone 14/14 Proなどで、ストレージのシステムデータ(その他のシステムデータ)の容量が急に増える問題が報告されており、「iOS16にしたら空き容量が減った」「iOS16のシステムデータが急に増えた」などの声が挙がっています。


iOS16以降、iPhoneストレージのシステムデータの容量が急に増える問題が報告されており、iOS16以降にアップデートしたiPhone、iOS16以降がプリインストールされたiPhone 14/14 Proで「その他のシステムデータ」が数百GBにまで膨れ上がる場合があります。

I recently got a new device and transferred over everything from my old device (iPhone 12 Pro, 256GB). The transfer, eSIM move, etc. all went through with no issues. Then a few hours later I noticed a notification that my storage was full. This was strange considering I was only using about half the storage on my previous device. When I looked into storage details, in settings, I found that System Data was taking up ~155GB.



iOS16アップデート後、あるいはiPhone 14/14 Proで「その他のシステムデータ」が急に増えた場合、起動しているアプリを全て終了させ、iPhoneを再起動することで一時的にシステムデータの容量が小さくなる傾向があります。



Appleサポートによると、iPhone 14/14 Proなどに機種変更しデータ移行や復元を開始して間もない場合、iCloudからファイルをダウンロードする過程で時間が掛かった時に備え、ストレージ容量を一時的に確保する場合があり、その確保された空き容量が一時的にシステムデータの使用量として分類される場合があるとのことです。


After a new device is added and linked to an iCloud account, the device will start downloading iCloud-synced files to the device.

During the initial sync period, these files will be locked down for up to 48 hours to prevent thrashing with the server — this could vary depending on amount of data needed to sync, power, network connection, etc.







Immediately after your factory your device, if you go back into iPhone Storage, then your ios Main Partition as well as 'System Data' will go back down to it's original size.

If immediately after the Factory reset, you don't see this change, then you may need to re-install iOS via your PC (or Mac) though this is only happened in one of my devices todate. Of my affected iOS devices with this issue, all but one worked with the Factory reset and (so far) only one I had to re-install iOS to bring it back to it's normal size.

Important here, that you will have to re-set up your device from scratch as a brand new device.

If you 'restore from backup' (icloud, or through PC/MAC), even if a partial restore, then you will bring back the problem again, defeating the hard-reset in the first place.




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