不具合が報告されている機種は最新機種のiPhone 12シリーズ、iPhone 11シリーズ、iPhone SE(第1世代)など、特定の機種に限定されておらず様々な機種の利用ユーザーから声が挙がっています。

I have just installed iOS 14.3 update an hour ago.
Unfortunately, this problem still persist. Such a disappoinment that Apple just want to focus on releasing shiny objects instead of ensuring the fundamentals working.
For now, all of us will continue to suffer. Apple doesn’t really care.

Hey Apple, fix this problem. It’s been a few months and still with the recent 14.3 update and there’s no actual fix to the problem. It’s getting frustrating. For one of the biggest tech companies in the world, how are you not able to riddle this?

Same. It happens usually just with one person, someone I message very frequently every day. I have to keep going to the message thread periodically to check for new messages because there is absolutely no notification or indication they messaged whatsoever. I have an 11pro max with iOS14.3. Super frustrating.





I’ve been having this same issue for weeks. Sometimes the notifications come in and sometimes they don’t. No vibration or badge icon either. It has been for different contacts too. I don’t have anyone muted or anything and the contacts are saved in my phone. I absolutely hate this. If this is a “feature” it’s a really dumb one. I’ve been missing messages, sometimes for days. Why would I want this?




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